This Works Morning Expert CBD Booster + Vitamin C


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This Works Morning Expert CBD Booster + Vitamin CWhat exactly is This Works Morning Expert CBD Booster + Vitamin C? It’s a 98% natural Superblend with 20% Vitamin C to help combat exposure to environmental aggressors and reduce the appearance of skin irregularities. Hemp-derived Cannabidiol (1% / up to 305mg per bottle) helps calm, nourish, and help maintain skin balance.Best FeaturesWhat are the best features of this CBD Booster? Blended with 1% CBD (up to 305 mg per bottle) and other active ingredients Rigorously tested in 3 stages throughout the development process and proven to work Clean, vegan, 98% natural formulas Innovative, bi-phase formulation with high levels of active ingredients With 20% Vitamin CVersatilityYou can easily customize your morning skincare with this powerful booster or use it alone as an intensive application. You may also choose to mix it with a moisturizer for visibly smoother, brighter, and more radiant skin.When to UseUse daily to help defend against the environment, after sun exposure, and when your skin looks dull and lackluster. This CBD booster can be used to effectively help prevent the onset of wrinkles (when using in the morning), tackle signs of aging (when using at night), and help dull, marked, and sun-damaged skin.Directions for UseFor an intensive treatment apply 3-4 drops to clean skin ‚Äî avoiding the eye area ‚Äî and allow it to absorb before applying your moisturizer. For a more gentle action, mix 3 drops into your moisturizer of choice. Study reference: *In a clinical intra-individual study of 21 subjects over 28 days use.