Seven Points CBD Gelcaps 12.5mg 30 count


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Seven Points CBD Gelcaps 12.5mg are the perfect complement to your active lifestyle.Each gel cap contains 12.5mg full spectrum CBD extract with the associated hemp based terpenes dissolved in 100% cold pressed, organic hemp seed carrier oil rich in omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. CBD is reported to promote homeostasis throughout the human body from the cellular level up to the organism as a whole. That is why you will start to “feel better” in all aspects of both physical and mental health. Benefits have been reported to begin as quickly as minutes to as long as a couple of weeks after starting on CBD. The most special moment comes when you realize that the nagging aches, pains, or stress seem to almost vanish. That is the WOW moment that will make a believer out of the most staunch skeptic. Try our 12.5 mg gel caps and we’re sure you will agree. 30 softgels per bottle.How to use Seven Points CBD Gelcaps 12.5mgRecommended for people with bodyweight up to 145 pounds, 2 times daily.About Seven PointsHeadquartered in Southern California, a mecca for the active lifestyle, nearly everyone at Seven Points is part of the outdoor lifestyle scene. The founder, employees, and many of their business partners participate in a variety of activities like cycling, snowboarding, kitesurfing, mountain biking, and speed skating. As everyone knows, these activities often ‚Äúreward‚Äù the individual with sports-related injuries and pains associated with long term participation in your favorite sport. Since Seven Points CBD is a company dedicated to health, happiness, and the active, outdoor lifestyle, they wanted to find an alternative to traditional pain killers and expensive, often addictive pharmaceuticals. As a result, they have created a brand focused on enhancing the recovery and wellness for athletes of all kinds.Their mission is simple: to provide a pure, healthy, safe, non-psychoactive, non-addictive alternative for relief from stress, anxiety, and pain via an all-natural remedy that is harmonious with the active lifestyles of their customers.