Palmetto Harmony Mango Hydrating Lotion



Palmetto Harmony Mango Hydrating LotionWith an invigorating scent of mango, this hydrating cream improves skin‚Äôs firmness, density, and elasticity for a noticeably youthful and radiant appearance. Apply Palmetto Harmony Mango Hydrating Lotion as needed directly to the skin. 50ml 1.7fl oz 300mg of CBD per bottleAbout Palmetto Harmony¬†In the beginning, Palmetto Harmony was born of a mother‚Äôs desire to alleviate her child‚Äôs debilitating seizures. More traditional treatments failed Janel Ralph‚Äôs daughter, Harmony, along with impure hemp-derived cannabidiol products. However,¬†Janel¬†knew there was hope in hemp for Harmony and others like her, so she persevered.¬†Ultimately, Harmony‚Äôs daily serving resulted in a 90% reduction in seizures and an 80% reduction in pharmaceutical intake. Her quality of life improved beyond belief, but her family can see it in her smile, laugh, and love. They also see it in the reports from her physicians.¬†Palmetto Harmony products are a cut above the rest. Give them a try and find out for yourself why they’re one of the best whole plant products on the market!