GroÃàn CBD Oil Tincture – Unflavored 1000mg


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Grön CBD Oil Tincture РUnflavored 1000mgTwo simple, natural ingredients and nothing else. Tasteless and odorless, this tincture is non-intoxicating and designed for daily use. With no flavor, smell or taste, it perfectly pairs with smoothies, coffee, or taken straight on the tongue. 33mg per dropper of broad-spectrum CBD Each bottle comes with 30 servings or one month supplyBest Features & BenefitsCurious about what makes this tincture stand out from the rest? Here are the best features and benefits:Taste & odorless: Grön CBD Oil Tincture doesn’t smell or taste of anything.Quality & Craft: Each Grön recipe is carefully crafted and perfected to ensure only the best tasting experience possible. Calm & Relaxing: Enjoy the soothing benefits of CBD, without grogginess or any undesirable effects.The signature “Tincture, simply CBD” by Grön is made out of only 2 carefully curated ingredients, to bring you the best of CBD Wellness in all simplicity. In a drink or directly on the tongue, enjoy the benefits of Grön’s domestically sourced CBD. Tasteless and odorless, this calming tincture is non-intoxicating and designed for daily use. You won’t taste anything but you will notice the difference.  Vegan  Palm Free Alcohol-Free Sugar-Free Fair Trade 100% Coconut MCTMade with simple ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil(MCT)Ω, broad-spectrum hemp extract(1000mg).Ω organic ingredientALLERGY WARNINGCONTAINS: CoconutThis product was made in a facility that uses milk, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat.Who is Grön?Grön, pronounced grew-n, is a small operation out of Portland, Oregon. The Founder Christine Smith puts an accent on sustainability and fair trade at each stage of their delicacies’ production. They pride themselves in carefully sourcing and crafting their recipes not only to achieve a product of excellent quality but also to provide an exceptional tasting experience. Their work is about more than hemp-infused CBD wellness products, their main mission is to leave the world a better place and help people live lives free of the noise and stress of modern culture.