Foria‚Ñ¢ Intimacy Suppositories 200mg



Foria‚Ñ¢ Intimacy Suppositories 200mgOnce again, Foria has followed nature‚Äôs design, creating an all-natural formula with the purest ingredients available. Foria‚Ñ¢ Intimacy Suppositories 200mg ease tension and enhance sensual pleasure.Each golden capsule of pristine organic cocoa butter delivers 50mg of CBD (plus terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids) directly to intimate areas. The vagina and the rectum readily absorb CBD, creating muscular relaxation while enhancing tissue oxygenation and pleasurable sensation. Clients report a variety of benefits, from diminished discomfort to heightened pleasure and deeper penetration. 50mg active CBD per suppository (4 suppositories) Broad-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes (not CBD isolate) Made from sun-grown USA hemp 100% organic and fair-trade cocoa butter Tested for solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides No additives, preservatives, or THCPurityFor Foria, purity starts at the source. Foria’s hemp is sun-grown on a sustainable farm that employs permaculture techniques to enhance soil, water, and biodiversity. After harvest, the team uses CO2-extraction (the gold standard for purity) to create a hemp extract rich in phytocannabinoids and terpenes and deliver these actives in fragrant cocoa butter that‚Äôs 100% organic and fair trade certified. Foria uses independent labs to test for pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and other toxins.Hemp Extract (broad-spectrum CBD)Broad-spectrum CBD is naturally soothing, helping to unwind local tension & discomfort while oxygenating and rebalancing tissue. CBD offers a tremendous range of potential health benefits, including antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects, and significant pain modulation.Organic Fair-Trade Cocoa ButterForia’s pure, organic cocoa butter is a naturally fragrant way to deliver CBD to the vagina or rectum. Cocoa butter is made from raw cacao beans, which are squeezed in a hydraulic press to express the rich, golden oil ‚Äî which solidifies below 76 degrees.Fair-trade cacao is grown and harvested by small farmers who work their own land with help from family and community members. Workers‚Äô pay, schedule, and accommodations are monitored by the fair trade certifier to ensure that every contributor gets a fair share of the benefits of this high-value crop, re-investing into education and material improvements for the community. (Cacao that isn‚Äôt certified this way is typically a bulk commodity with origins in exploitative labor.)Storage & Opening The suppositories remain solid below 76¬∞F, so keep them in a cool place to prevent melting. If necessary, any broken or bubbled suppositories can be melted and reformed in the fridge. Foria suggests placing the suppository in the refrigerator for up to 15 minutes before use, to firm up the cocoa butter for easier insertion. (Make sure your hands are clean before inserting.) To open the package, separate one shell from the rest, then gently peel the flat plastic tabs apart to reveal the suppository inside.Suggested Usage Pre-Sex:¬†To enhance arousal, or to ease discomfort or tension during intercourse, insert 30-60 minutes before foreplay. Pairs deliciously with Foria Awaken arousal oil. Post-Sex:¬†To soothe soreness or muscle fatigue, insert after intercourse and leave in for full absorption. Menopause:¬†Experiment with regular or even daily use to enhance tissue oxygenation and soothe discomfort. Rectal Use:¬†Insert 15-30 minutes before erotic anal play.Cautions Because Foria’s Intimacy Suppositories contain all-natural oils, if you are inserting before sex, be sure to use protection that is NOT made of latex or polyisoprene. Choose oil-safe barriers: polyurethane or nitrile for protection from STIs and pregnancy, or lambskin for prevention of pregnancy (but not STIs). If you are pregnant or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Allergens: avoid usage if you are allergic to chocolate or hemp.Ingredients Organic-certified fair trade cocoa butter Sustainably-grown broad-spectrum hemp extract (50mg each)