Dosist CBD Relief thc-free dose spray 375mg CBD + 75mg CBG 7.5ml


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Dosist CBD Relief thc-free dose sprayDosist CBD Relief thc-free dose spray combines soothing CBD & CBG cannabinoids into a high concentration thc-free formula to help ease aches and pains.The dose spray is a proprietary sublingual spray device providing an alternative and portable delivery system for dosist cbd+ formulas. Packed in a convenient sleek 100ml pump that delivers up to contains 75 doses.Relief thc-free is a fast-acting cbd+ formula to help with body sores and recovery. The spray is created using CBD & CBG cannabinoids formulated into a targeted high concentration blend.Dosist sublingual cbd+ formulas are engineered with our proprietary technology to deliver a faster onset and consistent experience. Feel free to feel better. thc-free. Try it today!Features Size: 7.5ml Total cannabinoid content: 450mg CBD to CBG Ratio: 375mg CBD : 75mg CBG 75 doses 6mg of CBD per dose Isolate CBDSuggested Use:¬†DO NOT VAPE.1/2 Sprays, 1‚Äì3 times per day, as needed. Spray under the tongue for faster absorption, get better, repeat as needed.Dosist’s formulas are made with less oil per dose and are highly concentrated for maximum efficiency. We suggest beginning with 1 dose to see how the product feels for you. Onset usually begins within 15 minutes and you may repeat as desired.About DosistAward-winning Dosist helps people around the globe naturally manage their health and happiness through dose-controlled cannabis therapy. Since 2016, Dosist has been committed to harnessing the healing power of these plants and providing natural therapies with dose-controlled technology that is consistent, effective, and predictable.No matter if you need help calming down, finding relief, or sleeping better, they have a product for you. In addition, their innovative, THC-free formulations offer all the benefits of cannabis quickly and effectively without psychoactivity.Enjoy a selection of THC-free products from Dosist right here on Direct CBD Online. This includes a few different formulas, including Calm, Relief, and Sleep. Each of these products has targeted benefits. After all, you should expect your CBD to help with what you want it to.