Chill Plus CBD & Delta-8 Honey Bear – 600X


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Add a little buzz to your favorite treats with Chill Plus Delta-8 plus CBD Isolate Honey Bear. Now you can enjoy 300mg of Delta-8 and 300mg of CBD Isolate combined mixed with your favorite foods and drinks. Add a drop of buzz-worthy Honey to your favorite dishes and treats, mix it with dessert, or drop a dollop on some fruit and watch as your next meal becomes one to remember! However you enjoy Chill Plus CBD‚Äôs Delta-8 plus CBD Isolate Honey, sweetness will never make you feel this high again.Now, our honey has Delta-8, an all-new, all-natural cannabinoid that produces a legal psychotropic high. But you‚Äôll want to hurry, because this is one honey bear the feds won‚Äôt let on the loose for long. So grab one today while you can!Our all-natural, hemp-derived Delta-8 plus CBD Isolate honey is pure, unadulterated, hemp-derived, organic buzz-worthy goodness. It‚Äôs the ideal sweet treat to enjoy any time of day, although it‚Äôs more fun with friends. The Chill Plus CBD Delta-8 plus CBD Isolate Honey Bear will reinvigorate your day in unexpected ways.So don‚Äôt forget to infuse your next meal with honey that makes you high. Or just grab a spoonful of honey and enjoy it on its own. With 300mg of all-natural CBD Isolate and 300mg of Delta-8, food never tasted more delicious. Honey is the sweetest treat, and now that it‚Äôs infused with Delta-8, you‚Äôll be floating on the cloudsTry our Chill Plus CBD CBD Isolate CBD Honey Bear 600X today. It‚Äôs all-natural CBD Isolate and Delta-8 infused with sweetness like the honey bees meant for it to be!