BASKiN Sport CBD Pre & Post Workout Cream 3oz – 300mg


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BASKiN Sport CBD Pre & Post Workout Cream 3oz Р300mgTry BASKiN Sport CBD Pre & Post Workout Cream 3oz Р300mg. BASKiN incorporates the patented ingredient, Invisicare®, in their creams. What does this do? It better-binds the CBD to your skin, allowing 80% of the CBD applied to enter the bloodstream for up to 6 hours. This compares to 10–15% from other transdermal creams. This cream is basically a patch without the patch. BASKiN backs its claims with scientific studies. In fact, all products have certificates of analysis available under the LAB RESULTS & ANALYSIS tab.Features 300mg of CBD per container 3oz of cream to get you through countless aches Invisicare® technology allows the product to better bind to your skin, creating a patch-like effect Enjoy up to 6 hours of relief Up to 80% absorption compared to competitor creams, which only offer 10–15% Third-party tested for ingredients, purity, and potencyAbout BASKiNBASKiN Essentials is a line of hemp-derived CBD products that follow the simple principle of providing quality, healthy, and sustainable offerings for a balanced lifestyle. Their product line is developed using high-quality ingredients for overall health and wellness and has something for everyone. This brand offers various bath bombs and topical creams.BASKiN in Medical StudiesAs of 2019, this became among one of the first branded CBD products to be officially studied as a remedy for pain management. According to the Journal of Opioid Management, BASKiN Essentials Body Wellness Cream effectively managed cases of acute and chronic back pain. This conclusion is fueling further research into the recommendation of CBD products as an official course of pain-relieving treatment. BASKiN’s creams are independently tested for potency, purity, and more by third-party labs.